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Sirius Satellite Radio made its debut nearly a year after XM hit the airwaves. While that late start has translated into Sirius signing up just a fourth of the subscribers don't underestimate the allure of Sirius.

Yes, Sirius will run you $12.95 a month, three dollars more than XM's service. It is even cheaper if you pay for a longer term (one month free if you pay for a whole year -- three months free if you pay for two whole years). There is also the $499.99 lifetime fee if you just want to pay once and never have to pay monthly for the life of the receiver. However, Sirius has contracted with the NHL and NFL to provide exclusive live hockey and football broadcasts throughout the respective seasons. And, yes, in 2006 Howard Stern will be moving over exclusively to Sirius.

If you plan to listen to satellite radio exclusively in your car during your weekday commutes the fact that these sporting events typically happen at night -- or during the weekend -- may not make the extended offerings much of an incentive to go with Sirius. However, Sirius also offers a different series of channels than XM and it is mostly commercial-free. And, remember, with the small receivers that start as little as $99 -- to full-blown kits for $199 -- you can tune in while driving around, relaxing at home or even out on a boat.

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